The highly trained flight instructors at Murfreesboro Aviation can perform both the BFR and IPC with you, as needed. Just give us a call and get on the schedule.


BFR (Biennial Flight Review)

Every pilot holding a private license must have a BFR every 24 months in order to retain currency. This process involves meeting with a flight instructor, answering questions in the classroom to demonstrate knowledge, followed by an in-flight proficiency check. This is typically completed in a day. If you’ve not flown for some time, your instructor may determine that spending a day in the classroom is best with the flying proficiency to be performed the next day. This is rare. The minimum requirement is one hour of ground and one hour of flying.

The above are the general requirements. The specific requirements can be found here.

IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check)

In general, a person who has failed to meet the instrument experience requirements for more than six calendar months may reestablish instrument currency only by completing an instrument proficiency check. The instrument proficiency check must consist of the areas of operation and instrument tasks required in the instrument rating practical test standards. There is more to it than this. The specifics can be found on the FAA web site here.