Our Job as Broker
Our job as your broker is to professionally represent your aircraft and handle the day to day details involved in the marketing, negotiating, and sale of your aircraft, leaving you to focus on the business that allowed you to purchase an aircraft in the first place.

Something You May Not Know
Unlike real estate or securities, the aircraft brokerage business is completely unregulated. Anyone can call themselves an aircraft broker, even if they have zero training or experience. This is just one of many reasons why you should take time to investigate a broker and get to know them before you engage their services. You want to hire a broker with experience in marketing aircraft and closing transactions. Murfreesboro Aviation Aircraft Sales is led by a 30+ year aircraft sales professional who knows how to make things happen, understands best practices, and can skillfully guide you through the formalities involved in an aircraft sale.

Our fees are competitive among the best brokers in the business. We work for our fee and we are not paid until we perform. Based on our exclusive agreement with you, we invest time and money into the marketing and sale of your aircraft, with the understanding that our fee is 100% performance/outcome based. Not many businesses operate like this.

What are the specifics and details of our offering? Call us and we’ll let you know how we do business and why your best interests are served by allowing Murfreesboro Aviation Aircraft Sales the opportunity to sell your aircraft.


Specifications and/or descriptions are provided as introductory information. They do not constitute representations or warranties of  Murfreesboro Aviation.  Accordingly; you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft. The offer for sale of all aircraft is subject to contract and the aircraft may at any time be withdrawn from the market without prior notice. Specification is subject to verification by the purchaser.

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Blake Tumbleson, GM, VP-Aircraft Sales
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Larry Payne, Senior Sales Executive
Midwest Office Illinois
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