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What value do you place on your time?

What is the value in flying to one of the 5,000 general aviation airports landing right at your destination versus one of the only 70 airports that the major airlines decide to take you? What is the value of feeling rested and refreshed when you arrive at your destination, rather than exhausted, frustrated, and dirty? And your bags? What bags? Your Murfreesboro Aviation pilot will take your bags right off of your aircraft and put them directly into your car…and the airlines? Well, they hope to have your bags to you tonight…or tomorrow.

Why are you flying the airlines to Orlando and driving to Sebring, when you can just land in Sebring? When the airline dictates that you fly to Midway Airport even though your destination is Joliet, why is that acceptable? Why are you departing at 2:14 in the middle of your workday, when you would prefer to depart at 6 pm?

You’re in control of every other aspect of your life and yet you’ve been convinced that when it comes to air travel, you have no choice. With airline travel you lose the very attribute that got you to where you are in business, and in life. Why is this acceptable?

The airlines?

Arrive two hours early, pay for parking, hand out tips here and there, check your bags and pray, line up when they say when they say, squeeze into that seat, sit up straight, breath the community air the guy next to you just exhaled, enjoy your bag of salted, crunchy, chemicals, endure the ride, postpone all important phone calls and emails due to privacy concerns, arrive, wait for a gate, stand, hunch over, wait, deplane, find a bathroom, find baggage claim, find your bags, find a taxi or rental car, watch your bags…don’t take your eyes off of them, work your way to your transportation, pull up a map on your phone, hurry – they’re honking at you……and so it goes.

A Better Alternative

Flying the airlines is a series of compromises and you are the one making them. By choosing to fly your own aircraft, managed by Murfreesboro Aviation, or chartering an aircraft from Murfreesboro Aviation, you are taking back control of your time and demonstrating the importance and value of your time. You can afford private air travel…a method of travel that allows you to be more productive, more effective, more rested, and more in control. So, why would you continue to be less effective, less competitive, and have less control, just to save a few dollars?…dollars that are really not saved, in the final analysis.

Whether you are traveling for business or personal reasons, flying privately just makes sense, and is more affordable than you may think. Let us prepare a trip analysis for you and demonstrate to you the wisdom or aircraft ownership or charter.

Is there a place for the airlines? Yes. On longer or international trips, utilizing airline travel may make more sense than flying a shorter-range aircraft. Many businesses or individuals utilize a combination of airline and private air travel. But, how do you decide and plan in such cases? Contact us and let us prepare an analysis and present options to you.

The bottom line is that you should not just assume that private air travel is too expensive or complicated. It’s never been more affordable nor have there ever been as many options as there are now to enjoy the freedom and convenience of flying privately. Partner with Murfreesboro Aviation and let us demonstrate to you the wisdom of what we do.

Why Charter with Murfreesboro Aviation?

The owner of Murfreesboro Aviation, Jim Gardner, spent years as a professional fire investigator. During that time, and after investigating thousands of incidents, Jim learned the value of prevention. He’s carried that philosophy into the ownership of Murfreesboro Aviation and created a culture of safety and doing things the right way.

“The best way to ensure a safe and incident-free experience is to do it by the book from the beginning. Rules and best practices are at the heart of our business and something that I refuse to compromise on under any circumstances”

Jim Gardner
Owner of Murfreesboro Aviation

As the owner and manager of a flight school for many years, and as a pilot himself, Jim knows how to find the best and most qualified pilots. Our charter pilots follow the very strict regulations issued and monitored by the Federal Aviation Administration. When it comes to safety, our pilots know that the responsibility is theirs. Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Safety Management Systems (SMS), are being integrated into all of our charter flight operations. These practices lead to the best interpersonal communication, leadership, and decision making in the cockpit.

Murfreesboro Aviation is a local operator with roots in our community. We serve our neighbors and understand the responsibility that accompanies the flight of an aircraft. Our goal is to bring individuals and business owners into aviation by proving the value of private air travel. The only way that we can be successful and meet this goal is through the demonstration of safe and effective practices. If you’ve chartered an aircraft before or previously owned an aircraft then you already understand the value that private air travel brings to the quality of your life and your business. But for those who have never flown or are yet to be convinced of the value, then it is our responsibility to prove to them the benefits that flying brings. This is what we do.

There are over 2,000 charter operators in the United States. Murfreesboro Aviation is neither the oldest nor the largest. Our goal is to keep our focus on quality at the expense of size and growth. We’ve demonstrated that the growth of our company comes as a natural result of a quality experience by our customers, time after time. This philosophy has been proven by the growth of our flight school, maintenance operations, aircraft management, and charter operations.

As a customer of Murfreesboro Aviation you deal directly with the people of Murfreesboro Aviation. We have no phone decision trees when you call. Why? Because when you call, we answer the phone! We offer a personalized experience with real people. This is what you can expect and what we deliver, every day.

charter services
charter services