Manage Your Plane

Management Proposal

The acquisition and ownership of an aircraft is a significant decision. This is particularly true for owners who do not pilot their own aircraft or first-time owners who have little or no ownership experience. A turnkey solution with an experienced and conscientious operator may be the best solution to assure a successful ownership experience.

Murfreesboro Aviation’s program allows you to maintain control without the concern of day-to-day responsibility or management. When Murfreesboro Aviation manages your aircraft, it’s like having your own flight department at your full disposal.

manage your plane

What do we manage for you?

Crew services and training

Your aircraft will be flown by an experienced and well-trained professional pilot. You can be assured that the pilot at the controls of your aircraft is competent, safe, and will exercise good judgment for the safety of you, your passengers, and the pilot himself. If you already have your own pilot and want us to charter your aircraft, we’ll handle all of the required training and basic indoctrination of our charter operations directly with your pilot, as well as salary and benefits administration, as required by FAA Regulations.

Maintenance management and tracking

Murfreesboro Aviation will track the required maintenance of your aircraft based on the manufacturers recommended schedule. All scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is supervised by our Director of Maintenance and performed by our qualified mechanics.

Scheduling and dispatch of the aircraft

Just call and we’ll take care of it! We handle all of the details from scheduling your flight to ensuring your plane is clean and ready for the next flight, and everything in between. We’ll advise you of flight times and weather, and if you prefer, handle catering, arrange ground transportation, and secure your hotel.


If your aircraft is a part of our charter fleet, our outstanding safety record and large fleet means that you receive one of the most competitive rates available. Additional coverage can be arranged when necessary to meet the requirements for charter.


By obtaining negotiated fuel prices, we can help reduce your operating costs.


Whether your plane is at your home base or on the road, we’ll store the aircraft per your direction.

Cleaning and Stocking

Murfreesboro Aviation will clean your aircraft inside and out after each flight. When more detailed cleaning is required such as waxing, upholstery and carpet cleaning, or stain removal, we’ll take care of it, making your plane look its best for each flight. Your plane will be re-stocked per your specific requests including drinks, ice, coffee, cups or glasses, napkins, cards, newspapers and magazines, and anything else needed to make your flight more enjoyable.

Special Requests

Do you have a special request for catering, a certain beverage, magazine or paper, or perhaps a gift for your passenger? Not a problem! We want your flying experience to be special, and our goal is to ensure that every flight is just that; a “special” event, not just time spent to get where you are going.