From The Daily News Journal:

MURFREESBORO — Most kids dream about getting their driver’s license when they turn 16, but Ted Tippin had loftier pursuits.

The son of country music star and pilot Aaron Tippin, the teen completed his first solo flight Dec. 15 at Murfreesboro Aviation.

The elder Tippin completed his certified flight instructor rating at Murfreesboro Aviation. Owner Jim Gardner said Tippin received his rating on his first attempt, and soloed his son the following weekend, according to a news release.

Making the milestone even more special for Ted was having his father sign his logbook upon landing, making the solo flight official.

“It was a big day. He’s the first Tippin to solo since I did, and then my cousin soloed a couple years after me. Teddy is the first one in the Aaron Tippin clan to continue the tradition of aviation,” said the father. Aaron Tippin, whose father, also a pilot, signed his logbook after Aaron’s completed solo flight on his 16th birthday.

Gardner said Tippin finished his certified flight instructor rating in record time, thanks in large part to his serious dedication to the craft.

“It was great having Aaron train at Murfreesboro Aviation,” Gardner said. “He’s the nicest, most hardworking guy you’ll ever meet. He came prepared for his lessons everyday and he also brought donuts, which never hurts.”

Ted took up the family’s Cub plane, which sports a modest 85 horsepower engine.

“Before the solo, we were flying four to five days a week to get ready for that,” the teen said, adding that he’s looking forward to getting back up in the air as soon as possible. “I still want to fly at least once a week. I love it. It’s just a passion.”

“If you tell an airline captain that you soloed in J-3 Cub, that’s highly impressive,” Aaron Tippin said.

Aaron Tippin also piloted the Commemorative Air Force’s B-29 bomber when it landed at Smyrna Airport in July.