In late March 2016 three lucky kids enjoyed a Discovery Flight around the city of Murfreesboro as a gift from their Grandparents! Don’t you wish your Grandparents were that nice? (I’m sure they are just lovely people).

All three of the kids admitted to being a little nervous before the flight, but upon their return their nerves had turned to excitement! It always happens this way.

Murfreesboro Aviation understands the trust that you place in us when you allow us the privilege of flying your family. In return for that trust we’ll do our best to always deliver a happy, safe, and memorable experience.

All photos posted with permission.

10-Discovery Flight From Grandparents

10-Discovery Flight From Grandparents-5

10-Discovery Flight From Grandparents-4

10-Discovery Flight From Grandparents-3

10-Discovery Flight From Grandparents-2