Discovery Flight

Many of our students, graduates, and instructors began their adventure into aviation with a Discovery Flight!

So what is a Discovery Flight?

Well, it’s different things to different people. Specifically, for about $253 you can take a 1 hour flight in one of our aircraft and with one of our highly qualified flight instructors.

Why Buy a Discovery Flight?

  • Opportunity to discover if you would enjoy flying a plane (as the name “Discovery Flight” implies)
  • Introduction to flying for those who want to pursue aviation as a career
  • Gift Certificates
    • Family
    • Friends
    • As a Gift (Birthday, Christmas, Welcome, House Warming, as a thank you, retirement, wedding, anniversary, congratulations, realtors for clients transferring to town, etc.)
    • Businesses to show clients the city
  • Sightseeing flight (see Murfreesboro, Downtown Nashville, fly over your house, or whatever attraction or location is of interest to you!)
  • Parents, for their sons, daughters, or grandkids
  • Fun date-night or Valentines gift

Can I buy a 2 hour flight instead of just an hour?

Yes! We offer longer flights as well!

Can I bring a friend, friends, or family?

Yes! Sometimes the family will take photos or videos of the experience and watch from the ground. Sometimes 2 or more of you may want to fly together. We can accommodate that. More people may require bigger, and more expensive, aircraft. Just call us and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Can I fly the plane?

If you want to fly the plane, your instructor will let you take the controls once you are a safe altitude, and then coach you through your first experience as a student pilot. Your instructor will take-off, land, and control the plane at lower altitudes, but will otherwise let you fly the plane.

Can I just go to sightsee?

Absolutely! This is your opportunity to fly and we want it to be exciting, fun, and memorable. If the experience of flight is what you want without handling the controls, then that’s what you’ll get. Change your mind mid-flight?…no problem! Just tell your instructor that you would like to take the controls.

Is it safe?

Statistically, your drive to the airport is more dangerous than your flight! Your flight instructor wants to stay safe just as much as you do and he or she will take all precautions to keep everyone safe.

How do I buy a Discovery Flight?

Call (615) 494-1900 or email us: You must include your phone number with area code and name. We’ll give you a call.