An ATP Rating (Airline Transport Pilot) is the highest level of aircraft pilot certificate available. In order to earn an ATP, you must have at least 1500 hours of logged flight time and be at least 23 years old.

On July 18, 2016 Don Rickey showed up ready to go! Studying and preparing for your ATP check ride is stressful and can be exhausting. Don seemed to take it in stride. His confidence likely came from his preparation with Murfreesboro Aviation Senior Flight Instructor, Marty Newcomb. Marty is himself ATP rated, an outstanding pilot and instructor.

After ensuring that Don had the requisite hours and was at least 23 years of age (he just barely passed the age test!) and a lengthy and undoubtedly tiring oral exam, Don took to the air with DPE Ken Pannell.

The allowable margins for error on an ATP check ride are very, very small. You’re expected to hold your heading, hold your altitude, and respond swiftly and accurately. You better understand what is going on and be prepared for the unexpected. There is little to no room for mistakes. ….No pressure Don!
He did it!! He passed!

Although we are not privy to the details and specifics of the check ride, airport rumor has it that Don’s performance was outstanding. Perhaps Don started that rumor…who knows, but we have to go with what we are told!

Congratulations Don on a spectacular achievement!