Murfreesboro Aviation  has announced that they will be holding a UAS FAA Part 107 test prep class on Saturday August 27th from 9 am to 5 pm. The class will be taught by Murfreesboro Aviation’s Senior Flight Instructor, Marty Newcomb and will be limited to only 10 students. Advance registration is required.

Drones of all sorts have exploded in popularity and grabbed the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a potential danger to aircraft, civilians on the ground, and property. As a result, the FAA has issued regulations governing drones (also known as UAS-Unmanned Aerial Systems which may include winged or rotor aircraft.).

The small UAS regulations go into effect on August 29, 2016. If you own a drone and fly for fun, for business, or for commercial use, you need to know the regulations to keep yourself out of trouble. Can you answer these questions?

  • Who is required to register a UAS with the FAA?
  • Who is required to take and pass the FAA Part 107 FAA exam?
  • What operational altitudes are you required to observe when flying your drone?
  • What distance must you keep from an airport when flying your drone?
  • What are the overall airspace limitations governing the operation of your UAS?
  • Is there a waiver available for operation within restricted areas?
  • Can you fly a model aircraft or UAS over a stadium or sporting event for hobby or recreation?

If you struggle to answer any of these questions, perhaps you should learn more. Whether you plan on taking the FAA test or not, having a solid understanding of the regulations that govern the operation of your drone is a must. This class will give you that understanding and teach you how to stay current with the latest updates. If you are required to take and pass the exam, then this class will prepare you for the test.

The investment in the class is $395 which includes your written test, to be taken at Murfreesboro Aviation. At the time of this writing, four of the 10 available spots have already been filled.

To book your spot, please contact Blake Tumbleson, General Manager at (615) 494-1900. If you have general questions about the regulations, please send an email only so that we can direct it to the right personnel. Send email questions to


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