Our Fleet

Murfreesboro Aviation, in addition to being one of the top flight schools in the Tennessee and the Southeast, is an Authorized Cessna Service Center and maintenance facility. We have vast experience on many aircraft types including but not limited to Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Diamond, Cirrus, Maule, Vans, Grumman American, and others. Our maintenance team consists of three IA’s and staff of A&P’s.

Our flight school fleet must to be in top mechanical condition to meet the demands of a busy flight school. By performing our own maintenance on our flight school aircraft, we can maintain quality, scheduling, and take care of issues as they occur rather than having to wait until the next inspection.

Beechcraft Baron C55, N977AG

Garmin GTN-750 WAAS Touch Screen GPS/MFD/NAV/COM
Garmin GTS-327 Transponder
Garmin Aera 500 Panel-Mounted GPS
Garmin GDL-88 Remote ADS-B/WX/Traffic
JPI-960 Digital Engine Monitor

Beechcraft Dutchess, N60451

Garmin 530
King Autopilot
1300 lbs. useful load
(703 lbs. with full tanks)

Beechcraft Sierra, N953ER

Garmin 430WAAS
Garmin 330 ES ADS-B
Garmin 696 GPS w/Traffic and Weather

Garmin 430 WAAS GPS
FlightStream (iPad Sync)

Piper Archer II – N384HS

Garmin 430WAAS

Piper Cherokee Warrior, N85RW

Track N85RW on Radar

Garmin 430

Cessna 172XP, N69FZ

Track N69FZ on Radar

195 HP Engine
Garmin G500 Display
Garmin GTN-750/650 GPS
Garmin G5 Backup
Garmin GTX-345 Transponder ADS-B IN/OUT
JPI Digital Engine Monitoring System
STOL Kit / VG’s

Cessna C172M, N20046

King KY196 Com
KNS80 Nav
Garmin 150
510 lbs. useful load (363 lbs. with full tanks)
Garmin 430 WAAS
Garmin 796 GPS
ADS-B IN / Wx and Traffic

Cessna 172, N63663


Track N63663 on Radar »

Garmin 430 WAAS
Garmin 330 Transponder

King KY196 Com
KNS80 Nav
Garmin 396
510 lbs. useful load (363 lbs. with full tanks)