Flight Labs

Can’t Get Your Flight Lab? We Can Help.

With the number of Middle Tennessee State University students enrolled in the Pro Pilot Program continuing to rise each year, we are seeing an increase in waitlisted students attempting to complete their required flight labs. Our Tennessee flight lab offers an alternative to waiting for several months before being able to get on the waitlist…again. Don’t get behind in your program because MTSU’s flight labs are full. Our flight labs are fully accepted by MTSU’s aviation program, so you can obtain your required flight labs here.

Our team of 10+ certified flight instructors work throughout the year so that you can complete your flight training with a flexible schedule that is convenient for you. MTSU flight labs require four weekly meetings with a flight instructor, including ground and flight lessons. We allow our students to fly as little or as much as they want so that they can complete their labs at their own pace or as quickly as they need. We offer flying with no bound labs or waitlists, allowing you to start your training immediately. When completing your flight labs, the time it takes to complete training is up to you, because your schedule will be based on how much you can meet with your instructor. We have several planes available for student use, including 5 Cessna 172’s, 1 Cessna 152, 1 Piper Warrior, 1 Beechcraft Duchess, and 1 Piper Arrow.

We are located only 7 minutes (3 miles) from MTSU at the Murfreesboro Airport, making us the closest flight school for MTSU students. If you would like to start training with us or have any questions about our flight training, contact us at (615) 494-1900 or stop by our office anytime between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Because we do not have a waitlist for students, you will be immediately assigned to a certified instructor that will meet with you to walk through the required steps to begin training. Our schedule is flexible, so you and your instructor can schedule whenever is best for you. So don’t wait; contact us today!

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