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Can’t Get Your Flight Lab? We Can Help.

Flight labs through Murfreesboro Aviation offer collegiate students an alternative to enrolling in flight labs through their university. If your university offers an aerospace program, you may have already experienced how difficult it can be to acquire flight labs through the school. Oftentimes there are long waitlists and you can’t enroll in your university’s flight labs in a timeline that makes sense for you. Don’t get behind in your program because your university’s flight labs are full—Murfreesboro Aviation provides flight lab instruction to help you meet your course requirements.

Our team of 10+ certified flight instructors work throughout the year so that you can complete your flight training with a flexible schedule that is convenient for you. Often, a university’s flight labs involve a strict schedule that may or may not work well with your lifestyle or other classes. We allow our students to fly as little or as much as they want so that they can complete their labs at their own pace or as quickly as they need. We offer flying with no bound labs or waitlists, allowing you to start your training immediately. When completing your flight labs, the time it takes to complete training is up to you, because your schedule will be based on how much you can meet with your instructor. We have several planes available for student use, including 5 Cessna 172’s, 1 Cessna 152, 1 Piper Warrior, 1 Beechcraft Duchess, and 1 Piper Arrow.

We are located at the Murfreesboro Airport, making us a convenient choice for students in the Murfreesboro or middle Tennessee areas. If you would like to start training with us or have any questions about our flight training, contact us at (615) 494-1900 or stop by our office anytime between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Because we do not have a waitlist for students, you will be immediately assigned to a certified instructor that will meet with you to walk through the required steps to begin training. Our schedule is flexible, so you and your instructor can schedule whenever is best for you. So don’t wait; contact us today!

Experienced Instructors

If you’re entrusting your education to a business or company, they must be as experienced as possible. At Murfreesboro Aviation, we have helped many people of all ages get their pilot’s licenses. However, what makes Murfreesboro Aviation a cut above, is our vast experience with collegiate student flight training, specifically. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to guide many through the flight labs required by their university. In addition, we have had the honor of employing many of these students as flight instructors to train more collegiate students, and many go on to successful commercial pilot careers.

Many of the flight instructors that will be training and aiding you in getting your course-required flight labs came from precisely the circumstance you are coming from. Many of our collegiate students have remained with us to finish their required flight ratings, obtain their CFI, and currently work for the flight school. That said, our instructors completely understand what you are going through and how to help you through your flight labs best. Our experienced and capable instructors will work with you to ensure you get your required flight labs on your schedule while complying with curriculum requirements. Murfreesboro Aviation is a Cessna Pilot Center experienced in helping individuals obtain their private pilot’s license, CFI, CFII and MEI.

I could not get my required flight labs for my major through my university. I enrolled at Murfreesboro Aviation, and I was able to get my flight labs on my schedule. I now have my private with instrument and I’m working as a CFI furthering my aviation career.


CFI, Murfreesboro Aviation

I have taught approximately twenty university students at Murfreesboro Aviation. Most of the students I have engaged with were unable to get their flight labs through their university and ended up training entirely at Murfreesboro Aviation, now have their CFI, and currently work for the flight school.


CFI, Murfreesboro Aviation

I am a Certified Flight Instructor for Murfreesboro Aviation. I love working with university students because I received my rating through my university. As a former student and now an instructor, I can directly relate to the challenges they face going through their flight labs. I am currently instructing several students, and I make their flight training schedule around their wants and needs. At Murfreesboro Aviation, our primary focus is on our student’s progress and want to help them any way we can.


CFI, Murfreesboro Aviation

What We Teach

What you learn at Murfreesboro Aviation will help you fulfill your course requirements if you cannot book flight labs at your university. You will be taught by certified, experienced, and capable instructors who went through flight labs just like you are currently. Once you have received your CFI, you too, could be qualified to instruct new students at Murfreesboro Aviation.


Students can obtain their private pilot’s license after 40 hours of flight time through our flight lab program. Since our facility is a Cessna Pilot Center, all our instructors use Cessna resources to keep flight lab students on track throughout their training. Our flight labs will help teach students practical flight skills and concepts to help them understand and evaluate real-life circumstances. Students often have an excellent theoretical background in aviation from their time at university. Still, they need real-life experience to properly equip them for flight. While we will touch on the various principles of flight, our primary goal is to guide students through hands-on experience with flying. After achieving their 40 flight hours through Murfreesboro Aviation, students can obtain their private pilot’s license and start working toward their Instrument, Commercial and CFI certifications.


We understand that your dream to be a pilot has driven you to excel and succeed in every aspect of your life. We know this motivation and will become one of your greatest sources of support. Your flight lab training at Murfreesboro Aviation will save you time, will save you money, and will save you the grief of waiting for flight labs. Murfreesboro Aviation has been serving pilots and the aviation community for decades and we look forward to serving aviation students with their flight labs. Contact us at 615-494-1900 to learn more today.

Schedule Today

At Murfreesboro Aviation, there are no semester-bound labs and no waitlists. As the student, you are in control of your schedule, and 24/7 flying is available to meet your needs. Our flight instructors will cater to your schedule, which is entirely up to you as the student—you could meet with your instructor seven days a week if needed. We do not waitlist students; once signed up, you can start your flight labs immediately. We have never denied flight training to a student and always have instructors available. Our certified flight instructors base their schedules on customer needs to better serve you.
We provide ample study material for our students to help them through their training. In addition, textbooks including but not limited to current sectionals, Federal Aviation Regulations, and AIM are available at our flight school for purchase.

We understand that your flight labs are a non-negotiable component of your curriculum and it can be daunting to find an alternative if you cannot get those labs through your university. At Murfreesboro Aviation we want to help aspiring pilots succeed and achieve their goals through practical, real-world experience. If you cannot get your flight lab through your university or are looking for an alternative to university flight labs, we can help. You can contact us at 615-494-1900 or send us an email via the contact form below.

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