13-Flight Training Financing Program
Murfreesboro Aviation has announced a program in conjunction with Fifth Third Bank offering NO MONEY DOWN, ZERO PERCENT INTEREST financing for your flight training!…ALL of your flight training!!

If you have a dream to fly but think you have to pay all of the money up front, think again! Our new program allows you to finance all costs related to earning your ratings including aircraft rental, instructor, ground school, materials, written exam, check ride, etc., all bundled into one loan.

One of the biggest obstacles most of us have to earning our private pilot’s license or becoming a professional pilot, is the ability to finance our dream. Many of us have borrowed money for college, trade school, or educational seminars and programs and understand what it means to make a commitment to our future. But, when it comes to flight training, what we need is an opportunity to finance our training/education. Murfreesboro Aviation and Fifth Third Bank are helping make dreams come true!

How do you get more information and apply for financing? It’s easy. Simply send an email to fly@MurfreesboroAviation.com with your name, phone number, and one or two-sentence overview of what you are interested in. Someone from Murfreesboro Aviation will contact you and connect you directly to the program director at Fifth Third Bank. That’s it. You’re off and running.

Fifth Third Bank will be available at our booth at the Great Tennessee Airshow on June 4th and 5th and can process your loan request ON SITE!

So we have a question for you. Now that you have a possible solution and path to make your dreams come true, what will you do about it? Life if short! Those who accomplish their dreams are the ones who take action when a solution is presented!

Let’s go fly!!

*All financing offers are subject to credit review and approval