Interested in becoming a pilot?

The open sky awaits! Our Private Pilot Course will give you all you need to get your license and start flying.

Whether you are earning your pilot’s license for fun or as a pathway to becoming a professional pilot, you will find flight training to be one of the most fun, challenging, and rewarding things that you will ever do. Flying will sharpen your skills, teach you to think ahead, plan and anticipate, expand your thinking, and give you an outlet to express your desire to be free! There is nothing more liberating than enjoying a beautiful day by flying an aircraft from here to there or just around the area. By exercising the skills that our qualified instructor will teach you, you now have the world more easily accessible to you. Whether you want to enjoy a scenic sunset flight with a friend or a short 2-hour flight for fresh seafood while sitting next to the actual ocean! With your private pilot license, it’s all now within reach!

You may have heard of someone regretting that they never learned to fly, but we doubt you’ve
ever heard of anyone regretting that fact that they became a pilot…right? Neither have we!

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    Want to Soar
    to New Heights?

    1.5-Hour Intro Flight Lesson


    For those serious about learning to fly, here’s your chance to try a flight lesson with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. This flight is an actual flying lesson for one person only and does not include any sightseeing or touring. If you are interested in an air tour, please visit our Discovery Flights page.

    The 1-Hour introductory flight lesson includes:

    • One 1.5 Hour intro flying lesson
    • Approximately 1-Hour flight time in a Cessna 172 (the world’s most popular and safest training aircraft)
    • Approximately 30 minute ground training, including pre-flight and post-flight briefings
    • Pilot Log Book