Murfreesboro Aviation was one of the very first to receive the special tool required to comply with emergency FAA AD2017-16-11 for certain Lycoming engines. Many other shops are still waiting.You MUST comply within 10 flight hours!

FAA AD 2017-16-11 affects 778 aircraft and carries a possible expense of $2,170 for four-cylinder aircraft and up to $6,680 for six-cylinder engines! However, compliance with AD 2017-16-11 may be covered by warranty, according to Lycoming. You must contact Murfreesboro Aviation to see if the AD applies to your aircraft and if compliance is covered by warranty.

Included in this blog is a video showing how compliance is performed on the Lycoming engine, with a few accompanying photos. We’ve also included the actual AD 2017-16-11 downloaded from the FAA’s web site.

Wondering does the Lycoming AD apply to my aircraft?

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FAA AD Document – Lycoming Engines (Download)