We all work hard every day doing the best that we can at our jobs. Typically, you have to do something pretty spectacular to motivate a customer to take time from their busy day to write a testimonial. Well, Tanner Quigley must have a special something, because we frequently receive calls, emails, and letters like the one below.

Tanner understands what it takes to instill confidence and connect with customers (passengers in this case). This man and his family were placing their trust and safety in Tanner’s hands. What we do as pilots matter to those who are placing their trust and their lives in our hands. It seems that Tanner really understands this.

There are lessons that any of us can take away from this email (below), so we recommend that you read it all and see what you can learn from this experience.

Thanks (again!) Tanner for being the positive and confident face of Murfreesboro Aviation!

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Raymond Lee Herbst
Date: Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 1:26 PM
Subject: New Message From Murfreesboro Aviation – Lets Stay In Touch

We were out at the field on Sat Jan 21, with the intent of taking a photo with our 5 year old granddaughter and her class mascot plush bird. The flight desk said sure we could do that, but if we really wanted the mascot to have a one up on the class he should fly! It was my granddaughters first flight and she was excited. So my wife, granddaughter and I went out to the plane a Cessna 172 with new paint job.

Tanner Quigley was our instructor. I believe he could calm anyone and make them into a believer. I didn’t say anything to Tanner because I wanted him to act just like he would with any other Discovery type flight so that my wife and granddaughter would see and feel it all. I got my private ticket back in 1980 and even though it is not current for the past three years. I wasn’t seeking to go further and make a career of it.

I didn’t say anything because the day wasn’t about me talking pilot talk, but introducing my granddaughter to flying.

Anyway Tanner was great… his confidence, knowledge and ease made it wonderful for everyone. He stopped and asked if we had any questions as we all went through pre-flight. Then boarded, got all hooked up in seat belts and audio.

I was impressed with Tanner’s confident skill and telling everyone just what we were doing, why we were doing it, and all about the plane. I was very impressed with the 172 being IFR ready, GPS mapping system, the cleanliness of the line aircraft. Tanner certainly has the level headed mild mannered personality that the airline industry looks for after they look at your certs and hours. It was a pleasure and our granddaughter went home telling mommy and daddy she went to fly with Tanner toady! My wife really enjoyed the step by step monologue that Tanner so graciously provided. The weather was clear and comfortably cool only a few windy bumps, but mostly working the rudder to keep it on heading.

Thanks Tanner