Tired of having to type in “MurfreesboroAviation” every time you send us an email or visit our web site? Well so are we! Can you imagine having to give out this email address 6-7 times a day over the phone? “at Mike-Uniform-Romeo-Foxtrot-……” Whew! Well, no more!

We’ve purchased www.BoroAv.com and now you can use it! cfi@BoroAv.com, jim@BoroAv, admin@BoroAv.com …they all work! Now just so you are not too confused, if you visit www.BoroAv.com, it will simply forward you to www.MurfreesboroAviation.com. Either domain will get you to the same place. The difference is that now we will save you HOURS over your lifetime by shortening the domain! Okay, maybe not hours, but hopefully you’ll appreciate our brilliant idea.

We’re always thinking up here in the Murfreesboro Aviation ivory tower and always listening to your ideas. Let us hear from you because without YOU it would be very, very, quiet around here.