Danielle Herrman is one of our many flight students at Murfreesboro Aviation. Unlike most of our students however, Danielle has created a blog about her flying adventures.

http://www.momwithaltitude.com/ is Danielle’s blog. She is just getting started with her blog but as a busy single mother of 3, we thought Danielle would be a good example of someone who decided to find a way to make her flying adventures happen, rather than just talk about it. We hope what you come away with after reading her blog is that “if Danielle can do it, then so can I!”. We hope she inspires and motivates you.

Take a moment and read her blog and send her some encouragement (not that she needs it). Everyone appreciates a cudo now and then.

If you’ve always wanted to fly but just not “gotten around to it”, perhaps now is the time and perhaps, Danielle can be your inspiration. Call us and book a Discovery Flight right now. Let us get you up in the air so that you can experience a small taste of what you’ve been dreaming about. Pick up your mobile right now and dial (615) 494-1900 and tell us that you would like to book a Discovery Flight. Go ahead. I’ll wait while you dial.

Blue Skies!