If you read our blog from just a few weeks ago, you know that we recently listed a beautiful Cherokee 235 Pathfinder for sale.

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We produced a quality and detailed spec sheet, very high resolution photos and videos, and posted it online with proper and effective key-wording, in addition to all of the advertising that we placed.

Well the update is that she sold in less than a week!! Jeff Vosberg from central Iowa saw our ad in one of the many trade publications that we advertise in, called Blake, and within 3 days we had a deal negotiated, signed, and a deposit in place.

The aircraft had been maintained by Murfreesboro Aviation and passed a pre-purchase inspection at another shop, with ease. Jeff is a very happy buyer. Just today we received the following email from him…

Blake, thank you very much for the smooth transaction. I was a first time buyer and was concerned about all the processes that go on in an aircraft acquisition. You represented the aircraft well and guided me through the whole thing so that we never felt uncomfortable at any turn.

My purchase is on the small side of what you are normally handling but I was never treated that way. Your attention to detail was great. Loving the new ride!

Jeff Vosberg


Vosberg Enterprises Incorporated

We’ve included a few photos of Jeff and his son Michael on the day of delivery. Note in the pictures of the takeoff roll how the compressed and vaporized humid air forms white lines off the tips of the prop. We had no idea we were capturing this phenomenon until we opened the photos in our Adobe Lightroom program.

If you are looking to purchase or sell an aircraft, we have decades of experience broking aircraft and would be delighted to assist you. We’ve sold many aircraft, just this year. Please give Blake Tumbleson a call for more information.


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